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A little history

I am the original owner of this Dean Z Standard. I purchased it on September 24, 1977 at Sam Ash Music in Hempstead, Long Island, NY. My assumption is, as the Hempstead store was Ash's flagship store, this was most-likely the first Dean they brought in. At the time, Hamer, who started this "Explorer revolution" had a price tag of two grand. No way. Then these "affordable" guitars came out at a fraction of the cost. Still a lot of money for a young kid. I traded in two 70's Fender Tele Customs and cash to get it.


This guitar has only been taken out of the house twice. About 18 months ago, I took it to my tech here in town for a setup. During this process, the black light and gut photos were taken. I then brought it to my engineer's studio to make the two videos featured on this website.



About this guitar
The serial number is 77 0110, making it the tenth commercial unit manufactured. While researching what I could about early Deans, it was almost impossible to find the same exact information from any two sources. The bottom line is, these early units were made by any means necessary, meaning they used whatever parts were available the pots are dated 1968), and some features changed and evolved as the process moved along. My guess is no two were made exactly the same - something was always being tweaked.


This guitar is 100% original. Other than the strings, nothing has been changed, modified nor altered. For a 45 year-old guitar, it is in amazing condition - other than a few chips in the finish, and all located on the bottom and back of the guitar.  Pretty remarkable. (see "The Scars" in the Gallery section.) The back of the neck is finished in a darker shade than the rest of the back. No idea why. There are no breaks nor any repairs, as shown by the black light photos (see "The Forensics" section in the Gallery.) Because there was no rhyme nor reason to what they did with each of the very early guitars, they may have been experimenting with finishes, or perhaps were unhappy how they first finished it. We'll never know.  It is exactly the same as the day I bought it. There is no visible fret wear - that's how little play it's gotten over the years.


Extremely rare, stellar condition, truly irreplaceable. 






Top Material: Maple
Body Material: Mahogany
Harware: Chrome
Finish: Braziliaburst


Neck Material: Mahogany
Headstock: Mahogany (5 piece) Series 1 aka "BFH"
Fretboard Material: Ebony
Number of Frets: 22
Tuners: Grovers
Scale: 24.5" (not today's 24.75" spec)
Nut Width: 1 5/8"
Neck Width @ 1st fret: 1.7"
Neck Width @ 12th Fret: 2.0"
Neck Depth @ 1st fret: .7901"
Neck Depth @ 12th Fret: .8499"
Neck Profile: Soft V
Fretboard Radius: 15"
Side Markers: Red


Pickups: Original Dimarzio Super Distortion (confirmed by Dimarzio)
Pickup Output - Neck: 12.17KΩ
Pickup Output - Bridge: 12.16KΩ
Both Pickup Outputs: 6.08KΩ
Pots: CTS - dated week #2 of 1968


Other Details
Serial Number: 77 0110
Pat. Pending
Weight: 8lb. 5oz.